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Welcome to the the CPookiedestroyers Wiki! Sorry guys, the agency has been closed.Edit

Hello and welcome to the CPookiedestroyers wiki! This wiki was founded May 14th 2012, and the Resistance was made on May 13th 2012! We are gonna beat those pookies! We are strong with our weapons, plans and disguises. If you want to join, contact Wasp125, or Blastthehedgehog on their talk pages. Feel free to join chat below! If you are an agent and log onto chat, you will become a chat moderator if an Admin is online! Agents' puffles have been trained and can do special attacks much like Pokemon. Member agents (who joined at or before the Medieval Party 2012) should buy a Thunder Blade, which helps us in battle against the dreaded POOKIES! Traitors (cough cough Lord of the Rings) will be demoted ASAP on the wiki and removed from the agency, and possibly never an agent again. One of our enemies is Pookie Lover Benaeed T. Penguin.

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Sorry guys, its official.

Director Wasp125 has announced it a

week ago.

The wiki and as well the agency will be

shut down.

IT IS against the rules of Club Penguin.

It is bullying.

We're so sorry that we had to close, (it

wasn't my idea)

== List of proud members! ==

Navigation: Members in bold text are administrators, members in italic text are chat moderators, normal users are in normal text and the founder is in underlined bold text.

How to Join us! Edit

Do you want to join the Pookie Destroyers? Then send a talk message to Wasp125 or Blastthehedgehog (in their talk page) and you could be in! Please Help us stop the Pookies, and you'll be a hero!

Latest MissionsEdit

  • Frimmolino (Gary the Gadget Guy): Hear me, Secret Knights! The Dragon king has conquered the land, and even now seeks to rain fire upon us! Your weapons cannot defeat him. But they CAN defeat his fireballs! Climb to Dragon Peak, take aim, and vanquish them!

  • Wasp125: Member agents! We must collect 1,700 coins by codes, pay checks and games and every way you can get coins! Then, head to the Gift Shop (a.k.a the Market) and go to the exclusive medieval catalog. Purchase the Thunder Blade to use against pookies!

Sub MissionsEdit

  • Wasp125: Agents! Try and find Gary (aka G) and get his background! Ask him if he wants to join us! (But the answer will probably be no LOL)


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