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Frimmolino's penguin! (Image Coming Soon!)
Full Name: Frimmolino
Current Position: 1st Commander of Techys, Spies and Vikings (Pookie Resistance), Chat Mod, Admin, B-Crat (this wiki)
Personal Userpage: User:Frimmolino

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Frimmolino, Supreme Commander of the Techys, Spies and Viking divisons, (And was the leader of the Light Widzards), is a high-ranking member of the Pookie Destroyers. He's currently a chatmod, administrator and Bureocrat...

His code name is, "Gary, the Gadget Guy". He has taken part in all missions so far, and he is very smart (and lazy). He does anything he can to save Club Penguin Island from Pookies. He invents all the gadgets that agents use to protect CP from Pookies!

I love food in general and my favorite food is Pizza (With Achoives) and Coffee...



  • His ancestor, Frammolino the Widzard, forged the Thunder Blade many years ago...

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