Grey Puffle

Grey Puffle!
Full Name: Grey Puffle
Current Position: Battle Squad (Pookie Resistance), Chat Moderator (this wiki)
Personal Userpage: User:Grey Puffle

Grey Puffle is one of the normal soldiers in the Pookie Resistance and a contributor to this wiki. His current penguin is Tommysport11 Grey Puffle does not have a permanent penguin. If he needs a new one (because the old one got banned), he'll trade to get a new one, and he is part of the Battle Squad. He provides some of the technical needs to the wiki, such as amboxes and infoboxes. He even made the {{MemberInfobox}} template, which is also seen on this page. He will not be as active as an agent in the resistance as usual, but he will try to join missions when available.

Notification Edit

Grey Puffle will be playing Transformice, an online flash game alot and be somewhat inactive in the Resistance and in Club Penguin.

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