Here, Main penguins notify agents about upcoming events and assignments...

  • Frimmolino: Hear me, protectors of Club Penguin! A powerful enemy is rising, and we must prepare for it! Search the island for mushrooms, and use your technology to give them power. This will help my research. The weekly Field-Op is located in the mushroom to the far right of the beach, be sure to complete it!!!

  • Wasp125: All agents! I have an assignment for you! You must take a picture of a Pookie and sent it to me on my Talk Page. We have to track down the pookies first! Good luck agents!

  • Frimmolino: Techys, you have a mission, I want YOU to get pictures of Scorn the Dragon King in the town, at the docks and from the ski village, and post them on my Talk Page. The first to complete this mission shall be awarded a medal!!! P.s. This mission is for techys only!

  • Dyno1999: Stealth agents, I have a mission for you. Go to the Dojo and take photographs of the ninja shadows. Post them on my talk page. be stealthy. While you are there, report Pookies to me. Good luck agents!

  • Frimmolino: Listen up, spies. I've got a fresh new mission for you; find out which server is more populated by Pookies, e.g. Alaska, alpine... And post the results on my talk page. Those who complete this dangerous task shall be rewarded with a MEDAL!!! Sorry, this mission is for spys only...

  • Fottymaddy (the wizard master): Wizards, I have a mission for you. Go to scorn mountain and find scorn and get him to destroy the pookie shop! Thank-you, evil wizards! Mwahahahaha!

  • Wave Jones : Spies, i command you to do this mission. I heard Pookies are teaming up with ninjas, find their hideout and spot the pookies and also take a screenshot of it! G'd luck! Wave Jones, Over and out, Peace!

  • Dyno1999: In preparation for the Medieval Party, go to rooms with construction and look for Pookies. If you see any, take a picture and send it to me on my talk page. Also search the underground tunnels for Pookies and send me pictures. Be stealthy, and be brave. Good luck agents!

  • Dyno1999: I have seen an increasing number of Pookies in Sky Kingdom. We cannot allow this Medieval Party to be sabotaged! Go to crowded servers and report all Pookies to me. We need to sort this! Good luck agents!