Patfan1 is the newest Pookie Destroyer, he used to have a love for the beasts, until they attacked Club Penguin. Ever since he handled pookies solo, and has many torture methods. He will become 3rd in command of normal agents. He is well-known for the time he locked a pookie in a cage at EPF. Unfortunately, it escaped. He is basically the "Hawkeye" of the army. His weapons of choice are the Thunder Blade, and Hawkeye's Quiver and Bow. He wants to be a Stealth agent as well.

Content from his userpage Edit

I hate pookies! I will destroy you pookies! P.S. pookies I wanna thwack you to DEATH! I got the Thunder Blade and I'm not afraid to use it! I f you can't understand pookies ask your mommy to translate for yA! Go EPF!

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Despite the agency shutting down, he still fights pookies.