The Force

The Resistance in a battle with Pookies.


The dreaded...POOKIE!

A Pookie is a "baby penguin". They like to wear babyish clothing and saying 'Mumu'. They are the cause of our battles and missions, as we are the resistance against them. They come from busy servers and cry in the Pet Shop for people to "adopt" them or be their brothers or sisters. Not many penguins like them, and this is why the war against Pookies has begun. Pookies are the main enemies of the Pookie Resistance. They are annoying people in Club Penguin pretending to be a "baby" (or at least if you can call them "babies") and staying at the Pet Shop, saying very annoying stuff like I WANTS A MUMMY!!! and PWICK ME PWEASE!!!! AND EVEN,SMILES SO BRIGHT MR SUN HIDES!!!. This annoys many people and that is why this wiki was created to STOP pookies. More about what pookies are in section 'How Pookies "work"'. Some think that Pookies "grow up" and "become" "Muh Muhs" and "Duh Duhs" (people who pretend to "pick" pookies from pet shop as some kind of wicked "parents"). Male pookies are usually rarer than female pookies as there are less male penguins who prefer to pretend to be pookies.

History Edit

Nobody really knows when Pookies started and who started them but many people think it started around 2008-2009. That was when someone "wanted to have fun" by pretending to be a baby at the Pet Shop, and this, suprisingly became very popular and grew out to be done by many people. Unfortanetely, there are now, still TOO many Pookies around Club Penguin Island. Despite the fact that many, many, many people totally dislike Pookies (people like the contributors of this wiki and many others) there still are many people who get "bored" and become Pookies themselves!! Currently, the pookies are around in every Pet Shop in every English server :(. But if we work together with many people, we CAN STOP THE POOKIES!

How Pookies Work Edit

This is how Pookies work. As first, a pookie goes sit down in the pet shop and starts to say things like " I wants a mumu" and "pwick mwe" until eventually, a "muhmuh" shows up and "picks" the pookie.

"Muh-Muhs" and "Duh-duhs" Edit

Muh-muhs and duh-duhs (actually this is a very chilidish way to say " mommys and daddys") are so called pretend-to-be "parents" who "pick" (=taking them to their igloo)pookies and pretend to "take care of them". Penguins like this are usually dressed up like parents. Muh-muhs - and especially duhduhs are WAY less common than pookies as most people simply prefer being a pookie.

After getting "picked" Edit

Little is known about what happens when a "muhmuh or duhduh" "picks" a pookie and most likely takes it to their igloo. A possiblity is that they simply pretend to take care of them like babies - but dont spend very good attention to them as they usually get bored of them and just abandon them. However, the pookies themselves dont really care for that as they simply sneak back to the pet shop and wait for someone else to "pick" them. Isn't that ridicolous??

Uppies Edit

Uppie(h)'s are strange dogs who are usually seen at the Pet Shop along with pookies. Also little is known about these dogs. Usually they are dogs who wear at least one pookie item and start pretending to be a "puppy" (this is kind of a dog-version of pookies) and then stay with pookies pretending to be their "pets". They sometimes wear scarves. Pretending to be an uppie is NOT considered as being a pookie and therefore is not as worse as pookies themselves.After the painted dog costume was released they are more common.

Gallery Edit