Back in 2007/2008-ish during the Holiday Party,Club Penguin made the catalog have two baby-looking penguins in yellow wearing baby clothes waiting near a Christmas tree to open presents. And there it began. At first it wasn't so bad,and the "Pookies" (a term made up by the first baby penguin) weren't so annoying and dramatic. Then that changed when they released MORE clothes that Pookies could use. The baby penguins thought the clothes were getting cuter,so they started to step it up a bit. They started talking in caps and venturing outside the Pet Shop. Then came the Mu Mus (a shortened version of mama or mommy). They would dress is "rich,fancy clothing" and talk in caps too,to try to swindle "the cutest Pookie" into going home with them. Then at the home the Pookies would get whatever they wanted,depending on what kind of Mu Mu they got. There are two types of Mu Mus,a teenager Mu Mu that doesn't really care what happens with the baby penguin,and the rich,fancy,stuck-up Mu Mu that would spoil the baby rotten. Eventually the Pookies would get bored and go back to the Pet Shop after the Mu Mus logged off. Soon after,the Pookies got even more bored and decided to cause more havoc by dressing as adults and making daycares. At the daycares the baby penguins would cause chaos for the poor penguin taking care of them,until the Mu Mus came to pick them up after they got finished with their "jobs" (aka getting coins without the Pookie following them). To top it all off,Duh Duhs (shortened version of daddy) came on the scene. They were usually jocks/football players with "huge,bulging muscles" that would only come for the rich,fancy Mu Mus. Eventually,"biggy wistas" and "biggy broders" come into the picture (big sisters and big brothers,usually adoptable in the Pet Shop.) The normal penguins eventually,after years of annoyingness,got tired of it and started pushing the Pookies,Mu Mus,Duh Duhs,and the big brothers and sisters back to their home server,Alpine.They would accomplish this by dressing up as "scary dragons/ninjas" and scaring them back to Alpine.Others would be meaner and hurt them and take their "toys."And then we are today,pushing the baby menace back toward Alpine.(We are all trying our best to push them back.)


A perfect explame of a POOKIE!