Pookie Items Edit

Pookies usually only wear a variety of clothes , which are supposed to make them look like babies or preschoolers. A list of pookie clothing items is found below...

Female Pookies Edit


An Example of a GIRL Pookie

  • Head Items
    • Blue or pink earwarmers
    • Bee antennas
    • Pom Pom toque (sometimes)
    • any type of Bunny Ears (mostly pink)
    • Some wigs
  • Face Items
    • any type of diva sunglasses
    • (most of the time pookies actually do not wear a neck item)
  • Neck Items
    • Any type of scarve
    • Faery Wings
    • Bee Wings
  • Body Items
    • White Belt (used as a "diaper")
    • Butterfly T-shirt
    • Ballerina Outfit
    • Some types of dresses
  • Hand Items
    • Paddleball (sometimes)
    • Yellow or Silver Magic Wand
  • Feet items
    • Ballerina Shoes
    • any type of Flower Sandals

Male Pookies Edit

  • Head Items
    • any color Propeller Hat
    • Some wigs
  • Face Items
    • Unknown
  • Neck Items
    • any type of superhero Cape
  • Body Items
    • White Belt
    • Some T-Shirts
    • Long Johns
  • Hand Items
    • Paddle Ball
  • Feet Items
    • Unknown, possibly sneakers
    • (little is known about male pookie items because male pookies are rare, and they usually don't wear foot items)

Uppies Edit

  • Most of the time African Dog Costume
  • any type of scarve
  • Diva sunglasses (female only)
  • any type of Propeller Hat