The Pookie Resistance is made up of squads, each led by Main Penguins. They each have different specialties and classes, much like the EPF itself. The Squads are:

Normal Agents

Stealth Agents

Tech Agents

Battle Squad Agents

Light Widzards (??????)

Dark Wizards





Each of these squads have leaders, and the Squad Leaders give their Squad Missions, and Wasp125 (The Director) gives all of the squads missions.

Squad LeadersEdit

Below is a list of Squad Leaders.

Normal AgentsEdit

Led by Wasp125, 2nd in Command is Blastthehedgehog. The newest agent to join is Patfan1, he might be 3rd in command.

Stealth LeadersEdit

Led by Dynovan, 2nd in Command is Rhysw2002, 3rd in Command is Chihang321.

Tech LeadersEdit

Led by Frimmolino, 2nd in Command Psaro the Penguinslayer.

Battle Squad LeadersEdit

Led by Mixer3201, 2nd in Command Psaro the Penguinslayer. Grey Puffle is in this squad.

Light WidzardsEdit

Led by Frimmolino (position for trade)

Dark Wizards LeadersEdit

Led by Fottymaddy.

Spy/Informer LeadersEdit

Led by Frimmolino, 2nd in Command is Wave Jones, 3rd in Command is Pam pam4.

Viking LeadersEdit

Led by Frimmolino

Robot leadersEdit

Led by Rhysw2002,2nd in command Dynovan

The Force

The generals from each group...

Overall, all squads are led by: Wasp125 (Director), Blastthehedgehog (2nd in Command) and Psaro the Penguinslayer (3rd in Command). We give out missions on Wasp125's Pookie Resistance Page, where you can also request to be an agent yourself.