The Pookie Resistance is a team on Club Penguin Island that is a Sub-Agency of the Elite Penguin Force. They protect the island from Pookies, who are Penguins who pretend to be babies, and hardly anyone likes them. They are lead by Wasp125, code named "Director of the Pookie Resistance". Blastthehedgehog (aka Waddle467) is the second in command, and Psaro The Penguin Slayer is 3rd in command. The team has different Squads, each having leaders and 2nd in commands. They started out as a small group on the Club Penguin Wiki, but they grew in just a few hours and they now even have their own wiki, which is this one! Fottymaddy is the leader of the dark wizards. Dynovan, CP name Dyno1999, is the leader of Stealth.

The Force

Some members of the Resistance during a battle!


The Pookie Resistance team!