Thunder Blade

The Thunder Blade is the second sword in Club Penguin. It is sold in the Medieval Catalog, and costs 1,700 coins. This im is one of the only weapons which can defeat the Pookies. It is thought of being rare as it's the second sword in Club Penguin and is very expensive, so not many penguins have it. Most member agents of the Resistance should have these, as they help in battle. A LOT.


  • This and the slingshot are also the only weapons that can defeat Scorn!
  • It seems to be one of the only weapons on Club Penguin, other items could potentially be staffs, lances, sheilds and the Slingshot.
  • It is available in the Medieval Catalog at the Medieval Party 2012
  • Waving with this and only this on makes the player raise the sword. A beam of light then emits from the sword.
  • We can use this sword to defeat pookies!
Ready To Strike!

The Director of the Resistance ready to strike!

Thunder Blade Beam

The Thunder Blade's Beam!

Thunder Blade

The Thunder Blade!