Wave Jones
Wave Jones In Mission

Wave Jones' penguin!
Full Name: 2nd Comm. Lieutenant Wave Jones
Current Position: 2nd Commander of Spies (Pookie Resistance)
Personal Userpage: User:Wave Jones

Wave Jones, 2nd Commander of Informer squad, is a highly ranked Lieutenant and also the member of Pookie Resistance Team. He is currently a Chat Mod.

Codenamed Jet Pack Guy, he 2nd Commands the informer squad. He is very clever, but very stupid at the same time. He just, i repeat, he just HATE pookies.


Mission of th' month

Spies, i command you to do this mission. I heard Pookies are teaming up with ninjas AND dragons, find their hideout and spot the pookies and also take a screenshot of it! Post it on my talk page. G'd luck spies. Wave Jones, Over and out, Peace!


May 20th 2012 - Server: Alaska - Oh Dang it! Only one Pookie? Darn, all she does is crawl like, eww!!
Oh yeah, and i got something too, this guy said that he was a 'free pet', that almost, yeah, like a pookie, and oh yeah.. EW!!!
And i got a pic of a pookie, holding a sword, 'she' seems wants to kill Dynovan! Then i punched that pookie! OH DANG IT! IT WAS Pam Pam4!